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Little Country Church of McArthur
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Where restoration through Christ can be found...

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.........Ps. 61:1

Please email prayer requests and praise reports to:

(or call Patrick at 530-640-1415, or Linda at 530-640-2141)

Please join us in praying for the following:

June 20
Please pray for a friend of Nancy's. Her name is Rene, and she has been hopitalised with Covid-19. Thanks for your prayers.
June 21 UPDATE 
Rene is in the hospital in Eureka, she now has pneumonia, and internal bleeding, which hasn't been determined where it is coming from, and also lupus. Please pray for her healing, and also wisdom for the doctors. Thank you.

June 9
Please pray for Adella, a weeks old infant that is in the hospital with breathing issues. She is part of Nancy's extended family. Thank you for praying.
June 21 UPDATE 
Adella is out of the hospital, but will be under observation for 18 to 20 months. Thanks for your prayers.

June 13
Please pray for Kathy L brother Bill. He fell of of a ladder, and received multiple injuries. Stitches were required, and he is experiencing pain. Please pray for healing, and wisdom concerning possible infection. Thank you.
June 14 UPDATE 
Bill's leg was infected, and he is being treated for it. Thank you for praying, please keep him in prayer for a complete healing.
June 20 UPDATE 
Bill is doing much better, the stitches have been removed from his leg, and the infection is gone, healing well. Thank you for praying.

June 16
We have a friend that is in need of prayer. Her name is Linda C. She has multiple health issues, and is scheduled for an upper GI on the 23rd. She is a Believer. Thank you for your prayers. P.K.

June 15 UPDATE 
This is an update concerning Gyan, and the situation in Nepal. They are still unable to leave due to the Covid lockdown. Little Joshua has been having health issues for a few weeks. Been having a cough, and fever, and not a clear diagnosis. It is possible that he may have Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, considered a serious condition that appears to follow a Covid-19 infection. Please keep him and the family in prayer. Thank you.

May 15
Please pray for Linda's niece, Audrey. She has been having severe abdominal health issues for several months. She may also have pancreatitis. She is a Believer, and needs the Lord's healing touch. Thank you for praying.
May 24 UPDATE 
Audrey is stll having gut/stomach pain. She got some more test results back, the pancreatitis has caused type one diabetes, now she has to make an appointment with an endocrinologist. She has a great attitude, because of the Lord. Please keep praying.

May 2
There is a need for helpers for the nursery. Also, for a substitute teacher for Childrens Church, when Shelley is on vacation, or can't make it. Thank you for praying about if this is something the Lord would have for you to be part of.

Feb. 7
Please keep Susie in prayer for her health issues. Thanks for praying.
Feb. 12 UPDATE 
Susie is doing good, prayer works, please keep it up.

Please remember our military, law enforcement, and game warden people, and their families. Pray for their protection and encouragement. And when you are able to meet one, thank them for their service.
Thank you,
Kathy L.

Another constant prayer need, is for the persecuted Christian's around the world. We hear nothing about them in the secular news, but the reality of their plight is heart breaking. Please pray for them, for strength in their faith, and that many of those that would do them harm, would come to Christ because of their witness.

    Where restoration through Christ can be found....
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