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Little Country Church of McArthur
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Where restoration through Christ can be found...

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.........Ps. 61:1

Please email prayer requests and praise reports to:

(or call Patrick at 530-640-1415, or Linda at 530-640-2141)

Please join us in praying for the following:

April 18
Please pray for the Jones family. Their son Cody passed away. Thank you for praying.

April 18
Prayer request for Mike and Carla. Their days in their house are counting down faster and faster. They leave a good lead on a house but like everything it takes money to move and put down a down payment. Please pray they find somewhere to live soon. Thank you!  

April 7
Please pray for my wife, Linda. She fell, and bruised some ribs. It really is painful when she coughs or sneezes. Thank you for your prayers.
April 16 UPDATE 
Linda is feeling somewhat better, it takes a long time for rib damage to become pain-free. Thank you for praying.

April 9
Please pray for the situation in Myanmar. There is a Christian children's home that we help there, and they are being effected by what is happening. Their power is being shut off frequently, running out of groceries and supplies. They can hear the frightening gun fire. Please pray for God's continued protection, and provision. Thank you.

April 8
I'm asking prayer for the Lord to lead me to the right car to buy.  I can't afford a new one but slightly bruised is ok and can't afford more than 900.  In the past I've had a hard time so this time I want to make sure I'm relying on Him for the best deal without me rushing it like I used to do.  Thank you all for your prayers! P Junior.

April 3
Please keep Mike and Carla in prayer. Their landlord has put the house up for sale, and has given them 60 days to move. They are looking for a rent to own option, if posible. If not, then just a rental. Pray that the Lord will make it clear as to what His plan is for them. Thank you for praying.

Mar. 22
Please keep Ardie's daughter, Denice, in prayer. It was thought that she has Parkinson's, but after further testing it has been determined that it is impediment seisures. It is hoped that they can be controled with medication, if not, a wire will need to be inserted into the brain. Thank you for praying.

Feb. 7
Please keep Susie in prayer for her health issues. Thanks for praying.
Feb. 12 UPDATE 
Susie is doing good, prayer works, please keep it up.

Please remember our military, law enforcement, and game warden people, and their families. Pray for their protection and encouragement. And when you are able to meet one, thank them for their service.
Thank you,
Kathy L.

Another constant prayer need, is for the persecuted Christian's around the world. We hear nothing about them in the secular news, but the reality of their plight is heart breaking. Please pray for them, for strength in their faith, and that many of those that would do them harm, would come to Christ because of their witness.

    Where restoration through Christ can be found....
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