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Little Country Church of McArthur
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Where restoration through Christ can be found...

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.........Ps. 61:1

Please email prayer requests and praise reports to:

(or call Patrick at 530-640-1415, or Linda at 530-640-2141)

Please join us in praying for the following:

Sept. 26
Please keep Marsha in prayer, as she spends time in Kenya, ministering to women. Thank you.

Sept. 25
Please pray for Bobbie. She has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, also. Thank you.

Prayer is needed for Pat S's son, Gabriel. He has been diagnosed with TB. Hopefully, the Lord will use this, to re-establish Gabriel's walk with the Lord. Pray also for wisdom for the doctors. Thank you.

Sept. 22
Please pray for Carla, she is still having lung problems, blood clots, lump, pain. The doctors she see's are in need of God's wisdom. Thanks for your prayers.

Aug. 29
Please pray for Linda's brother, Ray. He fell, and broke a hip. He lives alone, and may have to move to a care facility. Thank you for your prayers.
Sept. 14 UPDATE 
Ray has agreed to be placed in a long term facility. His friends in Colorado now have complete control of his care and finances. They have been his friends for years and are Christians. My brother was agreeable and seems satisfied with the decision. Again thank you for your prayers.

Sept. 1
Please pray for Judy, a friend of Karen's aunt. She was in the hospital with a really bad bedsore and MRSA, and a third infection that needs the super high antibiotics. And they just sent her home from the hospital. She has little money and really no one to take care of her, and she doesn't know the Lord. My aunt has shared Jesus with her many times over the 40 years of their friendship but so far, nothing. Please pray for Judy's health issues and salvation! Thank you.

Sept. 14 UPDATE 
Just a brief update on Judy. She’s having an absolutely miserable time at home, this Home Health assistance she has now is not adequate. They are pumping two different types of antibiotics intravenously and one orally.  Bedsore is improving, the nurse said it looks better every time she changes the dressing. That’s a plus. I have no idea how much mobility she has, she said something about not being able to sit up in a wheelchair. Thanks for your prayers, she sure needs them.

June 23
We have a friend that is in need of your prayers. Her name is France'. She has pancreatic cancer, and starts chemotherapy next Tuesday, 6/28. Her first round is a 48 hour infusion. She will go home after 5 hours with an infusion pump, and then will have to go back on Thursday to have it stopped. It is scheduled every other week. She needs a total of six months of chemo (this includes before and after surgery). She is scheduled to go back to Mayo at the end of August to assess her response and determine when she will have surgery. She is faithful to tell anyone that comes into her room about the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.
Aug. 24 UPDATE 
 France is back at the Mayo Clinic for another exam, and treatment. They found some nodules in her lungs, which turned out to be cancer. She will need different treatment for that. Because of that, they did no surgery to remove the cancer from her liver. She has a great attitude, and is standing firm, that the LORD told her that she will be healed, and live. She appreciates your prayers. Please keep praying. Thank you.

Please remember our military, law enforcement, and game warden people, and their families. Pray for their protection and encouragement. And when you are able to meet one, thank them for their service. Another constant prayer need is for the persecuted Christians around the world. We hear nothing about them in the secular news, but the reality of their plight is heart breaking. Please pray for them, for strength in their faith, and that many of those that would do them harm, would come to Christ because of their witness. Thank you.

    Where restoration through Christ can be found....
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